When selling a home, how does the owner arrive at the right price?  Is there a formula?  How can the home be sold at the full asking price?  Here is the magic formula. 

Determine the maximum price a buyer will pay based on the features and amenities offered by the home, then price the home not one dollar higher.  It seems deceptively simple, yet determining the price buyers will pay requires extensive knowledge of local real estate activity.  The information needed to arrive at the correct price includes details of all homes currently available in the neighborhood (the competition), homes which have already sold (an indicator of what buyers have been willing to pay in the past), and homes which did not sell (showing what buyers are not willing to pay).

If you are planning to sell your home, I have that information available for you, at no cost or obligation.  I can prepare an analysis of your home and show you what buyers are currently paying for homes like yours.  Give me a call today!