Not all sellers understand that their asking price is the ultimate determination of whether they will sell their property or not. Not only does the asking price affect if you'll sell, but when and for how much. The longer it takes you to get to the correct fair market value asking price, the greater your Days On Market are and the more of a negative stigma buyers will have of your property. This can translate into lower offers and ultimately, a lower selling price. 

Sure, how well your agent markets the property matters. But even the best agent in the world can't fool today's buyer and a good buyer's agent. Today's buyer has access to way too much information and data to overpay for a property. And a good buyer's agent will provide comps and their personal expertise to even the most uniformed buyer so that they don't make a bad decision and overpay for a property. 

No matter how well known your agent is, how good your marketing plan is or how many open houses you hold, it comes down to price. 

It takes a good and gutsy agent to be honest and share with you your property's real and accurate market value - no matter how much lower it is than you thought. It's then up to you to listen to them, review the comps and data (aka CMA) and be objective with yourself and the situation. Once you do that and then list your property at a price that reflects today's fair market value and market conditions, you will actually sell it.